Beglika district is 1500 meters above the sea level in the west part of Rhodope Mountains.

It is situated 30km away from the town of Batak, on the way to Dospat.


By Beglikobus

It's a confortable and cheap way of transportaion and a way of:
- cutting emissions to only 17.8 g/km CO2 per person
- decreasing the human impact on nature
- easy parking

Sofia - Beglika Schedule on Friday, 19 August

Leaving hours - 9:00 and 18:00
The bus is leaving Sofia from "Vasil Levski" Stadium
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Beglika -Sofia Schedule on Sunday, 21 August

The bus is leaving from the festival area on Sunday!
You will be able to choose the leaving hours on the way to Beglika on Friday!

By Car


In order for all of us to have free and easy access to all festval areas and the camps, and to prevent the human impact on nature, we came up with certain rules:

- Movement of vehicles on the 4 km long, dirt road to the festival area will be restricted !

- Only guests with children camping in the family camping zone will be alowed with vehicles !

- All other vehicles will be in a protected parking near the dam wall !

- Transportation from the parking by bus !

Thank you for your understanding  :    )

Hitchhiking -

Average emissions of CO2 per person: 48.0 g/km - here you have the opportunity to search for transportation and passengers. It is an opportunity to find a driver or a passenger, to share fuel expenses and to keep the environment cleaner.

Вижте 2011 Беглика Фест на по-голяма карта

Car share

Beglikobus: Batak - Beglika - Batak - Beglika ...

The busses will travel during the 3 festval days.
Ticket: 5 leva oneway
Leaving the town of Batak from the bus station.
Leaving from Beglika from the road fork to the fest.

By Bike